The Splash Fountain in Krasnodar

воскресенье, 23 октября 2011 г.

The musical splash (or dry)  fountain, claimed to be Europe’s largest and biggest dancing music fountain with confluence of light, sound and water in motion was inaugurated at Krasnodar, Russia.

Testing of the fountain began in late September 2011, and the fountain was officially inaugurated on 25 September 2011 along with the official ceremony to celebrate the City Day in Krasnodar.

The fountain covers an area  of 1225 square metres. Illuminated by 640 RGB-lights , it is 35 m (114 ft) long and shoots water 25 m (82 ft) into the air, accompanied by Russian classical music. Fountain has more than 400 kinds of water styles. The programme on musical fountain fully controlled by a computer software programme, which has been specifically written for this purpose.

Opening ceremony for the fountain

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