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пятница, 2 декабря 2011 г.

Do you ever thought about the purpose of Twitter? I think the mission of Twitter is to satisfy our desire to observe the someone's daily life: stars, friends or a strangerBut the special interest are blog entries such as "One Day".I read these entries with interest sometimes. So last autumn day in 2011 I decided to capture the photos.

Despite the fact that I'm full-time student, I do not have to get up early in this semester. Today I woke up at 7:30 a.m. - on the Red street is still dark. Short rain was at night, which is not typical for November in our city.

I do homework in the morning. Today I had a lot of time and turned on my computer. In the news section there is someone else's feelings, gossip, some citations. I began to slowly gather their university notebooks

I ate granulated cottage cheese with citrus juice for breakfast. I love milk products from my childhood. But I do not do juice often because I don't have enough time.


I can combine breakfast with TV viewing. I watch only the news. Morning Show do not like because it isn't informative. Today I watched Euronews. Sometimes it is useful to compare our Russian news with news from abroad.

At dawn, I left the house. The weather was quite warm, cloudy.

I go walking a lot, especially on the main Red street. The city begins to awaken, shops began to open.

Then I go by tram. Very well that the city trams run on a schedule. I'm almost never late. Captured a beautiful sunrise

This is my student e-ticket, which gives a discount on travel on public transport.

Lecture on the Science of the Kuban State Technological University. The lecturer is Karavanska Lyudmila. It is the most intelligent woman.


After university, I have a snack with my friends. Today, we chose a restaurant IKEA, that is located in MEGA-mall . We arrived there by MEGA-bus


Outside the window: Turgenev bridge across the Kuban River , and the right - five-star Marriott under construction . It is high and is visible in many parts of the city.


Here we are on the spot.

Sweets at the restaurant IKEA. Restaurant employee told me not to take pictures. But I recalled the article of the Russian Constitution, which authorizes "get information" in public places.

The incident with restaurant employee had no effect on our mood, and we continued to shoot. The interior of the spacious hall has decorated in Christmas!


I like this restaurant more than any other fast food, such as McDonald's or Subway. IKEA-restaurant is very spacious and has a great variety of food. But awful service  is everywhere.


Pre-Christmas mood is felt throughout the mall. But I still decided to postpone the purchase of Christmas gifts for the second half of the month.

Meanwhile, the approaching evening. I walked down the street to the house.


St. Alexander Nevsky's Cathedral . This is a main attraction of the Postovaya street. The Cathedral is magnificent at any time of day and year.

Bike paths that extend up to the Kuban Quay Street

Billboard December elections in the State Duma.


For dinner I ate mushroom soup. At this time I usually watch program "Open Studio" on Channel Five (from St. Petersburg)

In the evening I began to prepare a major project in the discipline "Strength of Materials." Soon I will have exam.


Meanwhile, the parents brought the winter fruits: tangerines and persimmons!

I ate dinner at the Kuban Borscht, but without the beans.


I went to bed at midnight. It was my day was 30th of November , 2011.

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